tonight i'm leaving on a train

The shelves are all set up with my new wicker baskets and everything :) now I can finish getting ready in the morning at the same time as Tiffany if I have to!

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All my home improvements! Thanks Target :)

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So today was awesome

Tiffany is away and I have her car and I got a lot of shit done today.
I got to shop with one of my best friends and grab lunch with her.
Then I went to target and bought all the home improvements:
1. Command hooks for the bathroom door for Tiffany’s towels because that poor girl has been hanging them anywhere and everywhere else
2. New shower curtain, liner and curtain hooks because I cannot begin to explain the frustrations of the old s-hooks that were rusted and caught on the rod and half the curtain would then fall like EVERY time I slid them
3. New floor mat and hand towel to match
4. Storage baskets for all my crap in the bathroom
5. An awesome find- a folding bookshelf on clearance for $35 and no assembly required, which I set up and finally hung my mirror over top. Now I can finish getting ready in the morning while Tiffany is using the bathroom!

All that and I grilled myself some pineapple white balsamic chicken and corn on the Cobb for dinner.

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Another day another dollar #notreally #superslowlunchshift #lemons #whenlifegivesyoulemons #serverproblems

Another day another dollar #notreally #superslowlunchshift #lemons #whenlifegivesyoulemons #serverproblems

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#serverproblems  #whenlifegivesyoulemons  #superslowlunchshift  #lemons  #notreally 


Mount Shasta, California in three hours


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Gryffindor: I’m a fucking hero.
Slytherin: I’m fucking badass.
Ravenclaw: I’m smart as fuck.
Hufflepuff: My dorm is near the kitchen.


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enough about sex positions has anyone discovered a reading position which doesn’t get uncomfortable after 5 minutes

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